Terms of use

Source data

"Otevřená data MFČR" according to the principles of OpenData provides access to source data - master data and transaction data. These data are suitable for users, who needs them for further processing in own systems. Each dataset is published with catalogue record containing relevant metadata and conditions of use.

Information, data, indications or work and database protected by law (hereinafter „Data“) Ministry of finance of Czech Republic (here in after „MFCR“) published by specialized information portal "Otevřená data MFČR" , available on web site http://data.mfcr.cz (hereinafter „Web“) is possible

  • use in any activity practise in accordance with the law;
  • share,communicate or distribute to the public;
  • process and integrate into works protected by copyright or analogous right for protection of intellectual property, especially computer programs or databases;

for commercial and noncommercial purposes, without local and temporal limits, by any individual or legal person (hereinafter „User“) by the following conditions:

  1. User is always obliged to state sufficiently clearly and in understandable way that source of Data is MFČR and may not be felt that MFČR in any way supports users of data or the way how are data used
  2. User is not allowed to data in any way edit or change niether use in way or in context, which could be for third party misleading
  3. In case of spreading data or works which use data, user is obliged to in appropriate way refer to Terms of use, in the best way by link on this web address

MFČR will ensure through the information portal "Otevřená data MFČR" access to complete and complex data, at least within specified binding legislations. Data will be accessible in machine-readable form in format, which is accessible free of charge for any use or into free of charge accessible format freely transferable.

User notes, that:

  1. Terms of use are not applied on Data protected by copyright or other analogous intellectual property rights of a third party;
  2. Published data have information character and MFČR is not responsible for damage caused by using Data or web sites or other sources and external references listed on information portal "Otevřená data MFČR" ;
  3. MFČR reserves the right temporarily restrict access from operational or other reasons, and without prior notice